WATCH: ‘I Have A Message For You’: PA Gov Candidate Slams George Soros

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Pennsylvania State Sen. Scott Wagner (R-York) fired back at liberal billionaire George Soros after a group the activist funds allegedly sent a “tracker” to his private event.

Wagner, the Republican primary front-runner to challenge Gov. Tom Wolf (D-Pa.) next year, was speaking at an exclusive central Pennsylvania country club when he noticed an unfamiliar man in the back of the room with a camera.

After asking the man to leave, Wagner told the crowd “you’re about to see your senator in action” and walked over and temporarily confiscated the man’s recording device.

In a video posted to Facebook, Wagner said Soros was a million-dollar donor to the group that allegedly sent the tracker to his event

“Mr. Soros, I have a message for you,” Wagner, also a waste management company executive, said. “I’m not going to back down from you or your bullies.”

“I’m going to tell the people that I represent here in Pennsylvania I’m going to continue to forge forward. I’m going to be the next governor,” he continued.

“Trackers” are considered people who follow opposition candidates in hopes of capturing controversial comments on video.

On Thursday, Fox News reported that Soros is facing a $10 billion lawsuit for alleged meddling in an African nation’s politics.

Local police are investigating the incident at the country club, the York Dispatch reported.

Watch video of the confrontation below and Wagner’s response above.

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