Will you Start Watching Fox Again now that Megyn Kelly is Gone?

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Within the last year, Fox News has lost many conservative viewers due to the biased coverage of Megyn Kelly.

Fox News now faces the challenge of replacing Kelly in prime time, as well as at such major events as debates and political conventions, where she has generally appeared alongside Bret Baier and Chris Wallace.

Trump’s attacks on Kelly after the first presidential debate, when she asked him about his demeaning comments toward some women, brought her a torrent of online abuse and, she disclosed in her book, her family was forced to use security guards. The two buried the hatchet in an interview that aired on the Fox broadcast network.

The move gives Kelly access to the potentially larger audience of a major broadcast network where her viewpoints are more aligned with the liberal viewers. But launching a daytime program can be difficult, even for famous journalists and especially for journalists who have alienated a large part of their audience.

This brings about the question, without Kelly, will you willing to return to Fox News?

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