DISTURBING VIDEO: Black Lives Matter Protestor Mowed Down By Oncoming Car

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Black Lives Matters protestors learned a fast lesson about blocking traffic when one of them was mowed over by a car.

Protestors in Ferguson were attempting to cause delays and inconveniences by blocking a street to commemorate the two-year anniversary of Michael Brown being killed after he attacked police.

One driver didn’t see or expect a protestor to walk out in front of the car. The smack sound is obvious in the video below as you see the man flying.

Shortly after the accident, it sounded as if gunshots were being fired. Watch the video and see if you can figure out what that is about.

According to Robert Cohen, a photojournalist with the St. Louis Post Dispatch, the gun was fired at the car.

Let’s hope these protestors learned that it’s not wise to step out in front of cars. Most people learn this lesson before going to kindergarten. Hopefully now they figured it out.

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